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Teenagers – an exciting, thrilling but also challenging age. A strong and positive environment is particularly important at this age. At Asgard Sport Academy, young people find support and a safe anchor. We teach life skills such as respect, discipline, commitment, persistency, confidence, a positive mindset and a unique group feeling – making exercising fun and offering a successful alternative to the stressful school days!

Fitness and more

We focus on fitness, personality development and self-defense in our classes. In addition, specific movement, exercising and stress reduction also play an important role. The fast, powerful and dynamic movements of martial arts reduce the lack of movement, make them more fit and increase their ability to concentrate.

Becoming a leader

Respect, discipline, persistence and self-confidence are qualities that are at least as important in life as intelligence. The good thing is: these qualities can be learned! At Asgard Sport Academy, young people learn how to deal with children and adults – they have the opportunity to support our coaches in their lessons. This is an excellent way of preparing for their future careers and getting better grades at school, because they learn to be a good leader, how to approach others and what it means to take responsibility.

Asgard Sport Academy

Wehntalerstrasse 123
8057 Zurich

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