Fit for school

Is your child shy and often being bullied? Do your child has difficulties in concentrating at school? Is your child very active and needs a balance? Then martial arts is the perfect choice! We have developed classes that are appropriate for their age group and support the children in the best way, while they growing up. The different physical movements improve physical skills, agility, condition and concentration. Furthermore, they are taught life skills such as dealing with strangers, coping with danger in their daily activities, making friends and much more.

Self-protection for children

It is not surprising that many parents are feeling that the world – including for their children – is becoming increasingly dangerous. Reports of bullying by older children or people of the same age and assaults by adults are constantly on the rise, especially on social media. What stays is a feeling of being helpless – for parents and children. These are exactly the reasons why Asgard Sport Academy has developed self-defense concepts especially for children.

Prevent bullying

Studies estimate that around 8-10% of all children are bullied at school. This can have serious consequences for their lives later on – for both those who do the bullying and the victims. That’s why we also discuss the topic of mobbing with the kids. We develop strategies with the children and give them advice on how to behave in the case of mobbing in order to break the cycle. Martial arts also helps to strengthen self-confidence.

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